It starts today.


I’d like to be pithy, wise and entertaining in my first blog post but the defensive entertainer me has fallen by the wayside in favour of brutal honesty.

I’m obese.

It’s a form of slow suicide that will one day kill me.

For every woman out there that romanticises their weight problems with ‘fat acceptance’ photoshoots in tight bikinis and tales of glamorous escapades, there are another thousand like me who have to look into their kids eyes everyday and feel deep seated guilt that they’re robbing that child of a parent.

I may not keel over and die tomorrow but my overconsumption of food has shortened my life by decades. I’m 35 and have a 1 in 2 chance of developing diabetes in the next 15 years. My chances of developing cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure have sky rocketed. Worse, the example I’m setting may kill my own children prematurely too.

The medical issues I will develop as a side effect of carrying excess weight will cost the NHS tens of thousands of pounds to treat each year.

Let’s not pretend that being fat is anything other than a disastrous life choice that has far reaching consequences for me, my family and community.

Yet no matter how you find yourself at an unhealthy weight, it doesn’t mean we have to stay there. By stepping up and taking responsibility for being in this situation, it’s possible to initiate change.

Today, my weight is 18st 3lbs or 255lbs or 116kg.

Over the next two years I commit to losing 8 stone so that my BMI will be 24.9 – or the upper range of normal and maintaining that weight loss.

Regardless of your opinion of the BMI scale, it’s a good general indicator of healthy weight range for a non athlete.

I’d really appreciate your support, advice and help on that journey.

I will update every few days with thoughts, advice and tips for anyone else who is travelling alongside me too.

Good luck and best wishes,

Fatchick xxx




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